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A new online store is in the works to provide a platform to bring unique fashion, home and pet accessories from independent designers to a wide span of customers. I'm looking for accessory designers who have the resources to produce reasonably priced products that are true conversation pieces.

If you are interested in being one of the featured designers email nhmcgill@gmail.com for more information.


So much for the life long dream of attending Oprah's favorite things show... Oprah hosted her last one today!

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After a long hiatus filled with all that life brings us, a little laughter, a little disappointment and a bit of soul searching, I'm back! I look forward to bringing you great topics.

First topic, how to become a socialite. I was once quoted saying that my dream jobs is to "do me and dress cute" (yes, I know that sounds ridiculous). In my quest to one day actually do this I thought, what profession (term used loosely) would apply better than being a socialite? Well since being popular isn't something I was in high school or college apparently this concept of being ULTRA social does not come natural to me. I did a little research and found tips to becoming a black socialite. Now let me clarify, I am not interested in being a NeNe Leaks but more like a Pamela Joyner. I ran across The Black Socialite's tips for doing just that.


you must be is charming, loyal, and graceful. While this sounds easy, it isn't... Most questers don't have a clue about these principals. So, they get shut down at every turn because they are grasping and climbing without consideration for others. They tend to be users and see people as a means of getting their goals achieved. They often have to buy their way into the social set rather than being asked to table based on their own merits. - - CHECK!


Be prepared to kick out some money to appear at various events and activities. However, this is manageable if you factor these costs into your overall budget. -- umm OK...wait, there's money involved??

When you get invited to events, show up. And, you may have to get comfortable going out by alone... Many socialites attend events alone because men tend to not care about social activities as much as we do. So, if you are one of these women who have to clutch onto the arm of a man whenever you go out, true socialite status may not be for you. -- Never went to a party by my lonesome, this is getting interesting.


always dress to the nines! -- if this means designer labels, I'm screwed!

Well, not too sure about becoming a full blown socialite but it definitely won't hurt to increase my social network. New Goal: get involved!

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By Bene Viera

Sometimes the ongoing debate about natural hair vs. permed or weaved hair is too much to stomach. Not only is it tired, it's unproductive and divisive. Really, how is the dialogue about hair advancing our people or solving any of the societal ills Black people are facing today?
A Black woman's tresses have always been intriguing to non-Blacks because they don't understand how we can weave it, curl it, braid it, loc it, fro' it, wrap it or blow it out. Although it bothers me when I hear stories of Black women who have to encounter White women wanting to touch their hair as if it's some type of exhibit at the museum. This doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is the amount of time some Black women spend engaging in this follicle hierarchy as if certain styles authenticate who you are.


Well Facebook accomplished one thing this week, it killed the suspense of my class reunion. While everyone is awaiting Facebook to reach the 500 million member mark, I realizing that most of my highschool class is on the website and i'm pretty much caught up on everyone's life.

I think it's sad and I really hope I don't regret this down the road but I have no desire to spend the $500 in airfare to get home. What do you think? Has facebook killed your desire to meet up with old classmates?
Any-hoo, I'm headed down to Austin to do a quick b-day get-a-way shopping it up at the outlets. HOLLA!

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Monday, July 19, 2010 at 12:21 PM Posted by Laverne Labels:

And why can't I ever find a jumpsuit as cute as this? UGH!!! Mary J. is looking ultra fly, and fit, in this classic staple.



Eva Marcille's $3,000 studded Gasoline Glamour platforms. Oh MY!

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